Wow where did the time go.

Its April and the tulips have started to bloom!!!!   Peak color should be around the 7 of May, but with over 5 million bulbs here at Veldheer's & another 5 hundred thousand in the area the week before, & the week of Tulip Time ( May 7 - 14 2016 ) will be unreal with color.  This week is great here at the farm because the early tulips are starting to bloom with a few Mids and Lates as well  ( this happens when you have very hot temps for 3+ days, it changes the bloom order of certain kinds of tulips )



Vern Veldheer was born Sept 25 1925

He started Veldheer's Inc. with 100 red tulip and 300 white tulips in 1947 post WWII.  He still works 60+ hours a week.  He life has been an insperation to many in our community, staff, family, & myself.

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( I have a meeting this tuesday about "ourdutchtouch.com" )

ourdutchtouch.com will be your web store for Delftware, Wooden Shoes, Gifts, Dutch Cookies and Candys




Cloudy & 60 degrees


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Tulip Time Hours (May 7 - 14 2016 )   8am to 7pm




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